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About Us

It all started around July 2011 when one of us lost our job. Struggling to make ends meet, we had to get another income. One day after visiting a market at Hobsonville Nazra came up with an idea of producing curry paste to sell hence the name NAAZ. Initially reserved, we decided to try it out.

We approached the Hobsonville market organisers who were more than helpful. At that time the market was looking at diversifying its product range at the markets and it was our lucky day that they said yes. With the help of Terry and Carlene of Earthbound Honey, we made samples of the paste and distributed amongst some of the friends we had made at the market. The response blew us away. We decided to start with 12 Jars. We sold out on the 1st market day.

Today we produce 700 jars a month with a range of products from mild to extra hot and have grown our business to 6 Markets on the North Shore. Our Customer base is starting to widen to other parts of Auckland and we consistently get enquiries from other parts of Auckland through word of mouth.

About Our Product

The product is produced with the freshest ingredients that we can source. Our products are gluten free and dairy free. As much as possible, we use products that are grown locally or in New Zealand such as garlic, onions and tomatoes. The spices are made from seeds that are carefully selected for quality and Cleanliness. We insist on using products fresh and not using any preservatives, additives, emulsifiers or enhancers to make our products.

When selecting our kitchen we insisted on a clean and tidy environment and who better to use than Earthbound Kitchen. Our spices are roasted before grinding, which enhances the flavours from the seeds. It is flavoursome and anyone can cook with it to get beautiful tasting meals.

We wanted to create a product that was simple to use for kiwis at home without breaking your budget. We also wanted to create something that could suit different taste buds, therefore our mild range of paste does not have any salt or chilies, so one can regulate the salt and the hotness in your food without compromising quality.

You don’t have to be a cook to cook an awesome meal from the paste. Some people have used it as a base for Pizza, slow cooking and on roast dishes and even on a barbeque.

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